The Great (caching) Purge



Earlier tonight, myself & a few others on the #osx-server channel in the Slack started to receive alerts from our macOS Servers running a Caching Service.

Sadly, it was not just the harmless “Caching service unavailable” alerts that you see at times.

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iCloud, Spotlight & Login Window issues with JSS 9.9+ & the Security & Privacy profile payload



Recently, myself & a few folks have been dealing with issues from profiles deployed via the JSS.

Kitzy has a workaround for the issues affecting 9.82 & screen savers asking for passwords, here.

This was seemingly fixed in 9.9, but other issues have since cropped up & I’ve detailed them below.

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Issues Accessing Airwatch API After Update



As mentioned before we have some scripts that access Airwatch’s REST API.

Sadly a recent update to our SaaS instance to lead to our scripts failing.

Below is a little post with the resolution.

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10.8.x Clients, JSS 9.73+ API & sslv3 alert handshake failure



After being nerd sniped by @unknown_err in a channel on the Slack, I started writing some client side API scripts.

This lead to an issue with 10.8.x clients connecting to my JSS.

The below is why I saw these SSL errors & a two resolutions, one client side & another server side.

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10.11.2: Cannot Enable ARD or VNC if /Library/Application Support/Apple/Remote Desktop is missing



A issue was opened recently for AutoCasperNBI, where 10.11.2 NBI’s generated for not accessible over ARD or VNC.

Some digging revealed this this only affected NBI’s with the “Reduce Image Size” option selected.

NBI’s for 10.7.x – 10.11.1 work fine over ARD or VNC with that option selected, so some investigation was needed. Below is the investigative work, but you can also skip straight to the resolution.

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Some Mac App Store Apps “Damaged” Prompting For “Redownload”



Early today people launching some Mac App Store purchased apps where greeted with errors upon launching them.

This has been pretty widely reported, & after reading a few other articles I started to panic. After which I wanted to try see how this would affect us Mac admins & if I could help detect affected apps.

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ditto: “Operation not permitted” from SIP protected locations on El Capitan



When trying to bring 10.11 support to AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI I stumbled across an odd issue.

On the flight to JNUC2015 I loaded up my 10.11 GM VM & figured it out.

Incredulous, I double checked this with James Ridsdale, Darren Wallace & David Acland. All of whom were located near me on the flight & all had their various MacBooks out running Keynote, Terminal &/or were running VM’s (spot the IT Crowd).

Below is what I found, steps to reproduce & a link to the bug on Open Radar.

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