Issue accessing certain websites after installing the iOS 16.5.1 (a), iPadOS 16.5.1 (a), and macOS 13.4.1 (a) Rapid Security Responses


Yesterday, Apple released Rapid Security Responses (RSR’s) for iOS 16.5.1, iPadOS 16.5.1, and macOS 13.4.1.

However, not long after it’s released people started to see issues accessing certain websites via Safari.

In response to this, Apple posted the above shown KB. This KB advises Rapid Security Responses iOS 16.5.1 (b), iPadOS 16.5.1 (b), and macOS 13.4.1 (b) will be available soon to address this issue, and how to remove the RSR’s.

See below for some more details on the issue affecting the iOS 16.5.1, iPadOS 16.5.1, and macOS 13.4.1 RSR’s, how to remove and detect.

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Notifications showing a prohibitory symbol after upgrading to macOS Monterey


After upgrading to macOS Monterey, you might see notifications like the above.

If so, the simple solution is to logout and then back in (or restart) or alternatively to restart the Notification Center via:

/usr/bin/killall NotificationCenter

This seems to correct things, without any deeper delving into the issue.

Many thanks for @nstrauss and @Tyler Sparr for mentioning this on the macadmins slack, and raising an issue for Notifier too.

AutoPkg, curl & exit status 60


Over the past weekend in #autopkg Slack channel in the MacAdmins Slack, some fellow admins saw their recipes erroring with a non-zero exit status of 60.

At dataJAR we only run our AutoPkg recipes weekdays, but sure enough we hit the same issue come Monday.

Below is some more details, as well as a proposed fix for at least the short term.

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Jamf Enrollment Customization – kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:303


At dataJAR, I recently worked with a customer which wanted to make use of Jamf Pro’s Enrollment Customization option.

However, with everything setup, we were presented with the message “Error <kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork:303>” whenever trying to load any of the defined PreStage Panes.

I reached out to Jamf Support, but they hadn’t see this issue & searching the macadmins Slack didn’t bring up anything either.

Long story short (& in an attempt to not create my own DenverCoder9 moment), we discovered the issue to be down to the environments ingress controller being configured with HTTP/2 support by default.

As soon as we disabled HTTP/2, everything worked as expected.

Hope this helps someone else too.

More DEP Sync Errors


A week after the recent updated Terms & Conditions, we saw DEP sync errors reappear in our deployments.

Below is some detail on what has caused these new sync errors & how to resolve.

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DEP errors after updated software license agreements


With the release of iOS 13 last night, new Terms and Conditions were released.

This is an annual update, however your MDM might not have responded as expected.

See below for some more details.

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Java 8 Update 181 LDAP Changes & Jamf Pro Connectivity


Recently we updated all our instances to Jamf 10.7.1, for Mojave support.

All went well. Except for a couple of instances where their Jamf Infrastructure Manager was being used as an LDAP Proxy.

Well, turns out this was a change to Java 8 Update 181, which we updated to at the same time. And, that this is an issue not just with Jamf Infrastructure Manager, but could be with LDAPS in general.

Below details these changes, & overcoming this issue.

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The Great (caching) Purge


Earlier tonight, myself & a few others on the #osx-server channel in the Slack started to receive alerts from our macOS Servers running a Caching Service.

Sadly, it was not just the harmless “Caching service unavailable” alerts that you see at times.

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iCloud, Spotlight & Login Window issues with JSS 9.9+ & the Security & Privacy profile payload


Recently, myself & a few folks have been dealing with issues from profiles deployed via the JSS.

Kitzy has a workaround for the issues affecting 9.82 & screen savers asking for passwords, here.

This was seemingly fixed in 9.9, but other issues have since cropped up & I’ve detailed them below.

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Issues Accessing Airwatch API After Update



As mentioned before we have some scripts that access Airwatch’s REST API.

Sadly a recent update to our SaaS instance to lead to our scripts failing.

Below is a little post with the resolution.

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