dataJAR Tech Series: What’s new with Ventura for Mac admins


Next week at 2023 I’m revisiting a talk which I gave last November at a dataJAR Tech Series event, and I just realised that I hadn’t posted the talk here.

So this post addresses the oversight!

You can find my talk and it’s slides, as well as the other talks from the days dataJAR Tech Series event here.

JNUC2022 : On Bootstrap Tokens, Secure Tokens, and Volume Ownership


Not only was I on a panel at JNUC 2022, but I also gave a talk in person too titled: JNUC2022 : On Bootstrap Tokens, Secure Tokens, and Volume Ownership.

Despite me giving this talk in person, Jamf have published the prior recorded remote version (with the majority of talks recorded prior due to JNUC2022‘s hybrid nature).

One difference between this and the panel recording is that this one is COVID-19 free!

See below for a link to the video, the GitHub repo with all of the links and lastly a link to the JNUC2022 playlist.

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JNUC 2022: Patch Management Solutions Panel


For JNUC 2022, I was invited onto a panel to discuss patch management solutions for Jamf Pro once again.

This followed a similar format to the 2021 panel. Not only did this years panel include myself alongside Armin BriegelRyan Ball and Sam Weiss, but we were joined this time by Isaac Ordonez as well.

Sadly, for the recording, I was a little unwell and the following day tested positive for COVID-19. So, if I sound a little off, that’s why.

See below for a link to the panels video, as well as links to the JNUC 2022 YouTube playlist.

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dataJAR’s New Product Focus


A couple of months ago myself and dataJAR’s Managing Director, Yannis Lagogiannis were guests on the Podcast where we discussed dataJAR’s New Product Focus.

The details on this episode can be found below.

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Patch Solutions on the Jamf Marketplace


On the last day of this years JNUC, it was my honour to be included in a panel titled “Patch Solutions on the Jamf Marketplace” (the content of which is pretty self explanatory) alongside Armin Briegel, Ryan Ball and Sam Weiss.

See below for a link to the panels video, as well as links to the marketplace entries for the items discussed.

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Managing iPads, for the Mac Admin


During day one of this years JNUC, I gave a talk titled “Managing iPads, for the Mac Admin”.

The premise of this talk was to touch on on things which are both familiar and unknown, when it comes to being a Mac Admin suddenly tasked with managing iPads.

Below you’ll find a link to the talks video and a link to the talks GitHub repo.

But, be warned.. I had 30 minutes to deliver over 100 slides and a little cold too.. so those that find my accent difficult at normal speed, might need to slow this one down or read the subtitles (which don’t appear to have any exciting surprises this time).

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MacDevOpsYVR 2021: Digging for download URLs for AutoPkg recipes


Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at my first MacDevOpsYVR.

A link to the video, slide deck, GitHub repo and links to the other videos etc from MacDevOpsYVR can be found below.

Many thanks to the MacDevOpsYVR team for the great event, and yes 125 slides in 15 minutes 🙂

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Mac, Dev and Ops: The calm before the storm


Tomorrow I’ll be presenting at my first MacDevOpsYVR.

Mat and JD invited myself and fellow London Apple Admin attendee, host, speaker and MacDevOpsYVR 2021 presenter Piero, onto the MacDevOpsYVR Podcast for a chin wag.

The podcast can be found here, if you want to listen to the other folks chatting and me prattling on.

At the time of writing, tickets are still available for MacDevOpsYVR 2021 and can be purchased from here.

The schedule can be found here, and starts today June 9th.

See you there!

MacDeployment 2021: Administering Apple Silicon


Yesterday, it was my honour to remotely speak at MacDeployment 2021, on the subject of Administering Apple Silicon.

And amazingly, all the talks from MacDeployment 2021 are already available online! (in fact, they were available soon afterwards).

A link to the video, slide deck, GitHub repo and links to the other videos etc from MacDeployment 2021 can be found below.

Many thanks to the MacDeployment 2021 team for the great event.

Psst if you watch the video and get to the last section, please check the macOS Big Sur 11.5 beta release notes on Appleseed for IT.
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dataJAR Tech Series: What’s new with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon?


Last month, I presented at a dataJAR tech series event where I discussed some of the new management features available in macOS Big Sur and how these can affect Mac administration workflows, as well as changes that might trip you up in regards to managing Apple silicon.

The video for the talk and a PDF of the slides, can be found here.

You’ll also find a talk there from Riley Bruce, Security Community Evangelist Manager, Code42 titled “Understanding Insider Risk Management on macOS”