Let’s Talk About Certificates



At the recent JAMFNation User Conference (JNUC2015) I gave a talk titled “Let’s Talk About Certificates” (original title, “Let’s Talk About Certs, Baby!).

The talks subtitle, “A tale of Alice, Bob, Eve & a stretched analogy…” gave some warning that things may go off base for a talks which main content, trying to demystify certificates, was rather dry.

PKI was the main talking point as well as some of the changes coming from the CA/Browser Forum, iOS 9 & El Capitan as well as a new CA on the block coming soon.

Links to the video as well as a PDF of the Keynote & some extra resources can be found below.

I’d urge you to spend 30 minutes watching the video. I had a lot of fun putting it together & the feedback I’ve had is that is was funny & informative.

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