Notifications showing a prohibitory symbol after upgrading to macOS Monterey


After upgrading to macOS Monterey, you might see notifications like the above.

If so, the simple solution is to logout and then back in (or restart) or alternatively to restart the Notification Center via:

/usr/bin/killall NotificationCenter

This seems to correct things, without any deeper delving into the issue.

Many thanks for @nstrauss and @Tyler Sparr for mentioning this on the macadmins slack, and raising an issue for Notifier too.

macOS Monterey prompt: “…..” needs to be updated


During your testing of macOS Monterey (betas or today after it’s release), you might receive a prompt like that shown above.

Well, does this mean that the “JamfManagementService” needs an update? Nope! and, to be clear, this is something you’ll likely see even if you don’t use Jamf.

Below is some information on this message, what triggers it, and how to start to uncover what on your macOS devices are triggering it.

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