Adobe Creative Cloud 2019, the death of Creative Cloud Packager, Serial Numbers & Device Pool Licensing


Earlier today at Adobe’s annual Adobe Max Creativity Conference, Adobe announced Adobe Creative Cloud 2019.

Whilst that announcement will not surprise many an admin, there are some other changes that will impact us.

Details on these can be found below.

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macOS Mojave & Screen Sharing changes


A week ago today, I presented at MacSysAdmin. Within my talk I advised of a change with the kickstart command & macOS Mojave.

Well, things have changed some. See below for more details.

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Microsoft Office For Mac Changes & Versioning Shenanigans


Today, not only was Mojave released but Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac (sort of).

Below, I will try to explain the qualifier above & some other bits & bobs.

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Box & Active Directory Federation Services


We use Box as an enterprise file sharing & collaboration solution, with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) as our Identity Provider (IdP).

However, there are some limitations with this setup which are not particularly detailed anywhere, just omitted.

Below are some of the limitations I’ve found.

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Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Serialisation Changes


Soon Microsoft are to release an update to the Office 2016 Volume License installer on VLSC.

This update is 15.17 & is the first that has a few changes that may affect the way you deploy Office 2016.

These changes are going to be later enforced in 15.20 & onwards. Below are some details on the changes, some of the why & how via the power of the Slack & the awesome @pbowden that some of us have had a sneak peek.

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AutoCasperNBI, AutoImagrNBI & El Capitan

Update 25/10/15: The post has been updated with my findings & explains the additions in AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI where applicable.

The Captain

On Wednesday Apple unleashed the 11th iteration of OS X, El Capitan.

This release has had a number of under the hood changes that have affected AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI, some like csrutil have been detailed here.  The two main issues can be found in greater detail below.

Now, don’t fret, these changes are not insurmountable. They just mean that neither AutoCasperNBI nor AutoImagrNBI will have 10.11 releases available for a few weeks.

This should be fine as there’s no urgency for 10.11 NBIs as, at the time of writing, all current Macs can boot to 10.10.

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Faffing About With csrutil


At Apple’s recent event, the release date for the next release of OS X (El Capitan) was “leaked” in the above shown email.

Not only is this release going to be the most magical since the last one, it’s main focus seems to be on performance & security. The latter of which will affect us admins, especially System Integrity Protection (read: SIP).

This post will try to explain one way SIP may affect you, & possibly how to prepare.

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Captive Portals

Screenshot 2015-07-15 10.12.23

Earlier today the above popped up on some 10.9 Macs, iOS devices & even Android devices. Clicking “Cancel” would only stop the pop up for a few minutes & it would re-appear.

On the MacAdmins Slack a few mentioned seeing this, so the immediate thoughts of “OMG what has happened to my wireless” subsided.

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Enabled/Disabled Identifiers & NBImageInfo.plist


The below is to try explain the use of the Enabled/Disabled Identifiers arrays in the NBImageInfo.plist on OSX Server.

This is to try & better explain their use.

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Casper Imaging & CoreStorage Volumes

NOTE: Casper Imaging 9.65 addresses this & as such the workaround is no longer needed.

As blogged before, a part of our Casper Imaging workflow involves partitioning the “Macintosh HD” for use with FSTAB.

Unfortunately, we have discovered an issue with Casper Imaging & Yosemite shipped Macs as these Macs come with CoreStorage enabled “Macintosh HD”.  This has been logged with JAMF as D-008217 & this post will be updated once resolved.

To get around this defect, I’ve written a little AppleScript app called “CoreStorage Revert” that you can get via a PKG from here. (NOTE: This is for CoreStorage volumes & not Fusion drives).

The PKG is meant to be added to an AutoCasperNBI created NBI, as it removes the com.AutoCasperNBI.CasperImaging.plist as “CoreStorage Revert” launches Casper Imaging itself.

For more details on the app, the why & some rambling findings, see below.

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