Issues Accessing Airwatch API After Update



As mentioned before we have some scripts that access Airwatch’s REST API.

Sadly a recent update to our SaaS instance to lead to our scripts failing.

Below is a little post with the resolution.

What Happened?

Well, after our SaaS was updated to all our API scripts started to fail with errors like the below:

2016-03-17 11:00:06,028 WARNING -------- Getting A List of Devices --------
2016-03-17 11:00:06,900 ERROR -------- Get request failed with 401 Client Error: Unauthorized --------
Everything seemed to check out, but all the API commands failed with the above.

Returning the text from the GET request revealed the following error:

{"ErrorCode":1010,"Message":"Validation using Directory Authentication is disable for the tenant","ActivityId":"e0aeb541-7ebe-4d0f-bc46-27e62995bf01”}

Which was odd, as it was correct. The API calls were using Basic Authentication, yet the Airwatch was erroring as it seemed to be trying to use “Directory Authentication”.

Diving into the Airwatch console verified that we did indeed have Directory Authentication disabled & the API commands were certainly only using Basic Authentication (this can be found at System / Advanced / API / REST / Authentication, within the Airwatch console).Screenshot 2016-03-31 21.53.06

The Solution

5 days after logging a support call with Airwatch & then escalating with our Account Manager & we came to a solution.

Even though the scripts were using Basic Authentication & this was enabled in the Airwatch console, we had to enable Directory Authentication for API calls using Basic Authentication to work.

Airwatch advised this is a bug & should be addressed at some point.

Screenshot 2016-03-31 21.52.17

As soon as we made & saved the above change, our API issues were resolved.

(Well mostly, but that’s for another post).

3 thoughts on “Issues Accessing Airwatch API After Update

  1. Stodds

    While I admit, I’m a little late to the party here, fixing whatever broke with the AirWatch integration (again) was a low priority for me. What the hell is the matter with these people? I had just switched from their SOAP API (our initial integration pre-dated the REST API) because it just simply stopped working. Very frustrating.

    . . . And I’m with you on this. What does Directory Authentication have to do with my interaction with the API via Basic auth?

    Well, thanks for your post!

  2. Mahesh

    I want to know how you set up SOAP API? Our edition includes only SOAP and not REST. But I cannot figure out the SOAP service WSDL or the SOAP API url itself. No info available on that. So i’m not able to succeed with it. Can you assist?

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