How To: Allow All Users To Add Or Remove Printers


Apples KB article on this, gives examples on how to add a network group or mobile account user to the lpadmin group.

If you simply wish each mac account to be a member of the lpadmin group, run the following:

How To: Connect Clients To Lion Servers Apple Software Update Service


In 10.6 Apple release unified the ASUS url into http://myserver.fqdn:8088/index.sucatalog as per the this page. This same URL will work for 10.7 clients too.

UPDATE: Apple have now posted a support document verifying the above, it’s available here.

How To: Change Lions Scroll Direction


This confused me for a while!!

The default scroll behaviour in Lion is in the direction that your finger is moving in, like iOS. Not the inverted scroll used for years.

To change, open System Preferences > Mouse & untick “Move content in the direction if finder movement when scrolling or navigating” Continue reading

Slow Login For AD Mobile Accounts when off the Office LAN


This is an oldie but a goodie..

I’ve found in various environments that if you’ve got AD Mobile Accounts setup on a mac that has an Airport Card as is not connected to the Office LAN logins can take upto 10 minutes.

In all of these environments, the AD Domain was not resolvable outside the LAN.

There are three solutions for this:

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Installing Adobe Unit Types 2.1.0


This post advises why you may need to update the Adobe Unit Types.osax file & how to do so using Casper.

The Adobe Unit Types.osax file that shipped with Photoshop CS4 and CS3 is a 32-bit component. Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) requires some 64-bit scripting environments.

This file is placed in /Library/ScriptingAdditions/ & can cause Applescripts to fail to run.

Both Adobe & JAMF have posted help docs on how to fix this & this post is to advise how I’ve deployed to corrected osax file to affected machines. Continue reading

Set Start Screen Saver To A Hot Corner


To set start screen saver to a hot corner, run the following as a policy in Casper. Continue reading

Get Silverlight Version


Checks if Microsofts Silverlight Plugin is installed, if it’s not it returns the message not installed, if it is installed it returns the version number. Continue reading

Setting User & OS Language Post Install from Casper


We need to have different configuartions etc based on  the major european languages.

We were orignally looking at setting the OS Language via the custom os install options, but have been advised by JAMF that this does not work.

So we needed a work around to achieve the same.

I’ve got this working by narrowing it down to 4 plists… I’m then editing these for each language needed & making Composer dmg’s of each plist to distribute. Continue reading

How To: Set OSX’s Screen Saver via Script


Throughout my career as a Mac Admin i’ve often been asked to enforce a screen saver. One environment required a screen saver to always be set, but to allow people to change the desktop background. Another required a screen saver to be set to the corporate standard at each login. This script has been used in both environments to great affect.

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Unlock Each Secure System Preference & Allow All Users To Unlock


UPDATE: The below has been superseded by the post found here. I’d also advise looking at authbuddy instead of the below

The below will untick the option System Preferences > Security > “Require Password To Unlock Each Secure Preference” & allow all users to unlock these preferences. Continue reading