How To: Turn off Wireless Card


We run the following on all macs with a wireless card as a offline policy via Casper at logout.

This script will:

  1. Enable the wireless service if it’s not been enabled.
  2. Clear any set DNS servers & search domains (can be turned off for 10.4, reasoning is that 10.5+ can receive DNS from DHCP)
  3. Turns off the wireless card.

The script itself has been built from a few scripts contained within Caspers Resource Kit & then modified for 10.7+ by myself.

Slow Login For AD Mobile Accounts when off the Office LAN


This is an oldie but a goodie..

I’ve found in various environments that if you’ve got AD Mobile Accounts setup on a mac that has an Airport Card as is not connected to the Office LAN logins can take upto 10 minutes.

In all of these environments, the AD Domain was not resolvable outside the LAN.

There are three solutions for this:

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