jamJAR: Three years on


During JNUC 2020, dataJAR gave a couple of talks.

My talk was titled “jamJAR: Three years on”, which detailed the evolution of jamJAR and some changes made with the then soon to be released version 2.0.

Below you’ll find a link to the talks video and all other JNUC 2020 videos, a link to the talks GitHub repo and, why this blog post was been delayed.

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Securely Managing Identities Across Mac & G Suite with JumpCloud


On day 3 of JNUC 2017, I gave my third & final talk of the conference: “Securely Managing Identities Across Mac and G Suite with JumpCloud”

This talk should show just how easy it is to get started with JumpCloud. Along with an overview of how at dataJAR we’re leveraging JumpCloud to integrate G Suite within our Jamf|MSP platform (datajar.mobi), as well as bridging authentication across various other cloud systems & bring 2FA to our Macs.

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Modern Packaging and Distribution Workflows Panel


On day 2 of JNUC 2017, I was asked to participate in a panel titled “Modern Packaging and Distribution Workflows Panel”.

I was the only “non-vendor” & according to the thumbnail I’m seemingly the only person on the panel gazing over at Charles Edge.

But if your not a fan of  mine (erm welcome to my blog), you’ll be pleased to know I don’t say much.

Below is a link to the video.

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Getting All the Apps to Devices: When and How We Use Patch, AutoPkg, and VPP Together


At this years JNUC I presented alongside a long time Jamf buddy of mine, John Miller. My part of the talk detailed the various application deployment methods currently available to the Jamf admin (VPP & AutoPkg). With some nuances detailed & some pitfalls mentioned.

John expanded upon the subject by opening up the discussion to Patch & the forthcoming 3rd party integrations.

Below is a link to the video, & links to each section with some more links as pertinent.

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Profiles: An IT Admin’s Best Friend


screenshot-2016-12-11-22-01-56At JNUC2016, I presented alongside my colleague James Ridsdale. The talk gave a history of Apple management, from Managed Preferences to Configuration Profiles. Attempted to deep dive into how Configuration Profiles work, advise on some idiosyncrasies & some workflows available when using an MDM.

A link to the talks video can be found below, as can the resources for the talk & links to twitter for the talks hashtags: #jnuc2016faff #imtoosexyformcx

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Because crazy




It’s a little past 7:26 am, i’m in the office with a inane grin & holding back some tears & you’re possibly to blame.

Let me explain.

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JNUC 2014 AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator – Session Slides & Links



Photo courtesy of Richard Purves

On the last day of JNUC2014, I gave my first public talk. The session was dedicated to AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator.

You can find a video of the talk here, with the other sessions videos from JNUC2014 being available here.

Many thanks to those whom attended, I think the session went well. Lots of humour (some unintended), & some great collaboration. Especially in the Q&A.

Also, a special mention to those whom beta-tested AutoCasperNBI & my JAMF buddies Dan & Nick (mostly for putting up with me).

Below are some links to the content that was covered, as well as some links from the Q&A.

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Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce


Screenshot 2015-08-08 14.00.53

Mikey (3rd from left in the above), reached out to me pre-JNUC2014 about “Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce”

It was a fun panel to be a part of, many of the members on the panel had taught me so so much over the years &/or are great friends of mine.

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