Patch Solutions on the Jamf Marketplace


On the last day of this years JNUC, it was my honour to be included in a panel titled “Patch Solutions on the Jamf Marketplace” (the content of which is pretty self explanatory) alongside Armin Briegel, Ryan Ball and Sam Weiss.

See below for a link to the panels video, as well as links to the marketplace entries for the items discussed.

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Managing iPads, for the Mac Admin


During day one of this years JNUC, I gave a talk titled “Managing iPads, for the Mac Admin”.

The premise of this talk was to touch on on things which are both familiar and unknown, when it comes to being a Mac Admin suddenly tasked with managing iPads.

Below you’ll find a link to the talks video and a link to the talks GitHub repo.

But, be warned.. I had 30 minutes to deliver over 100 slides and a little cold too.. so those that find my accent difficult at normal speed, might need to slow this one down or read the subtitles (which don’t appear to have any exciting surprises this time).

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jamJAR: Three years on


During JNUC 2020, dataJAR gave a couple of talks.

My talk was titled “jamJAR: Three years on”, which detailed the evolution of jamJAR and some changes made with the then soon to be released version 2.0.

Below you’ll find a link to the talks video and all other JNUC 2020 videos, a link to the talks GitHub repo and, why this blog post was been delayed.

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Securely Managing Identities Across Mac & G Suite with JumpCloud


On day 3 of JNUC 2017, I gave my third & final talk of the conference: “Securely Managing Identities Across Mac and G Suite with JumpCloud”

This talk should show just how easy it is to get started with JumpCloud. Along with an overview of how at dataJAR we’re leveraging JumpCloud to integrate G Suite within our Jamf|MSP platform (, as well as bridging authentication across various other cloud systems & bring 2FA to our Macs.

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Modern Packaging and Distribution Workflows Panel


On day 2 of JNUC 2017, I was asked to participate in a panel titled “Modern Packaging and Distribution Workflows Panel”.

I was the only “non-vendor” & according to the thumbnail I’m seemingly the only person on the panel gazing over at Charles Edge.

But if your not a fan of  mine (erm welcome to my blog), you’ll be pleased to know I don’t say much.

Below is a link to the video.

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Getting All the Apps to Devices: When and How We Use Patch, AutoPkg, and VPP Together


At this years JNUC I presented alongside a long time Jamf buddy of mine, John Miller. My part of the talk detailed the various application deployment methods currently available to the Jamf admin (VPP & AutoPkg). With some nuances detailed & some pitfalls mentioned.

John expanded upon the subject by opening up the discussion to Patch & the forthcoming 3rd party integrations.

Below is a link to the video, & links to each section with some more links as pertinent.

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Profiles: An IT Admin’s Best Friend


At JNUC2016, I presented alongside my colleague James Ridsdale. The talk gave a history of Apple management, from Managed Preferences to Configuration Profiles. Attempted to deep dive into how Configuration Profiles work, advise on some idiosyncrasies & some workflows available when using an MDM.

A link to the talks video can be found below, as can the resources for the talk & links to twitter for the talks hashtags: #jnuc2016faff #imtoosexyformcx

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Because crazy


It’s a little past 7:26 am, i’m in the office with a inane grin & holding back some tears & you’re possibly to blame.

Let me explain.

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JNUC 2014 AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator – Session Slides & Links

Photo courtesy of Richard Purves

On the last day of JNUC2014, I gave my first public talk. The session was dedicated to AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator.

You can find a video of the talk here, with the other sessions videos from JNUC2014 being available here.

Many thanks to those whom attended, I think the session went well. Lots of humour (some unintended), & some great collaboration. Especially in the Q&A.

Also, a special mention to those whom beta-tested AutoCasperNBI & my JAMF buddies Dan & Nick (mostly for putting up with me).

Below are some links to the content that was covered, as well as some links from the Q&A.

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Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce

Screenshot 2015-08-08 14.00.53

Mikey (3rd from left in the above), reached out to me pre-JNUC2014 about “Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce”

It was a fun panel to be a part of, many of the members on the panel had taught me so so much over the years &/or are great friends of mine.

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