jamJAR: Three years on


During JNUC 2020, dataJAR gave a couple of talks.

My talk was titled “jamJAR: Three years on”, which detailed the evolution of jamJAR and some changes made with the then soon to be released version 2.0.

Below you’ll find a link to the talks video and all other JNUC 2020 videos, a link to the talks GitHub repo and, why this blog post was been delayed.

The Video

JNUC 2020 Playlist

GitHub repo


Why the delay?

Well, the major functionality change with jamJAR 2.0, was support for Munki 5’s manual Apple Updates.

You can see an example below:

However, with Apple silicon has come changes with the softwareupdate binary as detailed previously.

This will impact this functionality within Munki (and other tools), which will then impact jamJAR.

So this functionality might need to be removed, and looking into an alternative (as well as hoping this new behaviour will change), is why the delay in posting this blog post.

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