Let’s Talk About Certificates


At the recent JAMFNation User Conference (JNUC2015) I gave a talk titled “Let’s Talk About Certificates” (original title, “Let’s Talk About Certs, Baby!).

The talks subtitle, “A tale of Alice, Bob, Eve & a stretched analogy…” gave some warning that things may go off base for a talks which main content, trying to demystify certificates, was rather dry.

PKI was the main talking point as well as some of the changes coming from the CA/Browser Forum, iOS 9 & El Capitan as well as a new CA on the block coming soon.

Links to the video as well as a PDF of the Keynote & some extra resources can be found below.

I’d urge you to spend 30 minutes watching the video. I had a lot of fun putting it together & the feedback I’ve had is that is was funny & informative.

The Video

The Presentation

A PDF export of the Keynote can be found here.

Links From The Talk


App Transport Security

JAMF Tomcat Ciphers

Let’s Encrypt

MacAdmins.org Slack

Other Resources

Public Key Infrastructure Fundamentals – Bart Preneel

Public Key Cryptography: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Public Key Cryptography: RSA Encryption Algorithm

SSL Details

Alice and Bob

Special mentions to David Acland, JAMFNation 2015 Dean & fellow presenter at JNUC2015, for sharing all but the last link above as massively helpful to help my understanding of the subject. As well as special thanks to Richard Purves for the last as that greatly helped create the analogy.

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