Error: The package does not appear to be on the server (400). / line 1: syntax error


Recently we setup a 10.7 Mac Server in our DMZ & clustered this with our main JSS to enable external clients connectivity to our JSS & for them to be able to use Self Service & ASUS when off the network.

However we’ve had some issues getting the distribution point to work over HTTPS, however HTTP & AFP worked fine.

Below are some details on the steps taken to investigate this issue, and resolve.

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Error: OSX Web Service “Error Reading Settings”


After upgrading my servers to 10.7.3, I received the error message “Error Reading Settings” when clicking the “Web Service” in “”.

With the release of 10.7.3 Server you can now perform port redirects via the “” With that in mind & the fact that I had manually added a redirect as mentioned here, i decided to revert my web service back to the default settings & then apply the redirect using “”

To reset the web service back to default settings i ran the below with not running:

sudo serveradmin command web:command=restoreFactorySettings

I then relaunched “” clicked web service & we were back in business!

How To: Port Redirect Web Traffic On Lion Server


UPDATE: With the release of 10.7.3, you can now do this via "", so i'd advise against the below method. If you have used the below & upgraded to 10.7.3 & have an error in "" when managing the web service, click here.

Port redirection is (simply put), where an end user enters: & they are redirected to

On Snow Leopard server you could easily set port redirects from within the Server, but in Lion server this has all been changed.

The basics of how to enable virtual hosts on Lion server, is covered in this post. As well as links to the more advanced options.

Once Virtual Hosts have been enabled, editing /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf enable the redirects. 

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How To: Enable Virtual Hosts on Lion Server


UPDATE: The below can now be completed using '' & as such i'd not advise you perform redirects this way. If you have performed the redirects as directed below, you may have an error which has a resolution mentioned here.

With the move to Lion Server, Apple stripped moved administering the Web service from the new

This over-simplification has caused me some head scratching as many of the options I’d become familiar with had been replaced with little more than an On/Off switch.

But don’t fret! It turns out that these options still exist, it’s just you need to hunt for them.

Virtual hosts are best explained in the opening paragraph here. To enable this on Lion Server do the following

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