Error: OSX Web Service “Error Reading Settings”


After upgrading my servers to 10.7.3, I received the error message “Error Reading Settings” when clicking the “Web Service” in “”.

With the release of 10.7.3 Server you can now perform port redirects via the “” With that in mind & the fact that I had manually added a redirect as mentioned here, i decided to revert my web service back to the default settings & then apply the redirect using “”

To reset the web service back to default settings i ran the below with not running:

sudo serveradmin command web:command=restoreFactorySettings

I then relaunched “” clicked web service & we were back in business!

4 thoughts on “Error: OSX Web Service “Error Reading Settings”

  1. Christian Juel-Jensen

    Thanks for the tip! I was struggeling with getting the profile manager running where the system log only said

    mdm org.apache.httpd exited with exit code 1

    This reset fixed it right up!

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