dataJAR’s New Product Focus


A couple of months ago myself and dataJAR’s Managing Director, Yannis Lagogiannis were guests on the Podcast where we discussed dataJAR’s New Product Focus.

The details on this episode can be found below.

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Mac, Dev and Ops: The calm before the storm


Tomorrow I’ll be presenting at my first MacDevOpsYVR.

Mat and JD invited myself and fellow London Apple Admin attendee, host, speaker and MacDevOpsYVR 2021 presenter Piero, onto the MacDevOpsYVR Podcast for a chin wag.

The podcast can be found here, if you want to listen to the other folks chatting and me prattling on.

At the time of writing, tickets are still available for MacDevOpsYVR 2021 and can be purchased from here.

The schedule can be found here, and starts today June 9th.

See you there!

Apple @ Work podcast


James & I recently joined Bradley Chambers on the 9to5mac Apple @ Work podcast to talk about about trends in the enterprise relating to macOS and iOS updates that we see at dataJAR.

The podcast can be found here.

An Evening with the Mule


As mentioned in my last post, the good folks over at the Podcast allowed me on to prattle on about things including AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI.

This was actually some weeks ago, but things have been busy. Apologies for the delay but the details can be found below.

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Live from London


At the end of 2019 it was my pleasure to join Tom Bridge, Graham Gilbert & Joel Rennich on stage for a live podcast.

Links to this podcasts episode, as well as links to the Podcast can be found below.

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MagentaGate, MacADUK, and


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the pod  
Not a drive was stirring, not even the JBOD  
Charles in his kerchief, and Marcus in his hat  
Had just settled in for a long Christmas chat. 

James Ridsdale did join them, and Ben Toms too,  
And they talked about Kickstart and Slack and Ubuntu  
“Don’t forget MacADUK!” they shouted, over beer,
We gotcha covered, fellas, no need to fear.

Tom Bridge, Mac Admins Podcast

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You Will Comply


Me again on yet another Podcast.

This time, however, you’ll be pleased to know that I largely took a back seat & left Reza Alavi of ISACC to delve into GDPR with some interjection from myself & the Podcast as to how it can affect the Apple Admin.

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Green Tea with dataJAR


Another year, another Podcast.

This time I managed to drag along one of my partners in crime at, James Ridsdale. And you’ll be relieved to here that we’re split the speaking duties, so it’s not just me mumbling along!

Links to that episode can be found below, as well details on the Podcast & a link to the Listener Survey.

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Live at JNUC!


Whilst at JNUC2016, I was offered the opportunity to join an episode of the Podcast.

It was a fun experience, & I hope to return on a more structured episode one day.

Links to that episode can be found below, as well details on the Podcast.

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