dataJAR Tech Series: What’s new with Ventura for Mac admins


Next week at 2023 I’m revisiting a talk which I gave last November at a dataJAR Tech Series event, and I just realised that I hadn’t posted the talk here.

So this post addresses the oversight!

You can find my talk and it’s slides, as well as the other talks from the days dataJAR Tech Series event here.

dataJAR Tech Series: What’s new with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon?


Last month, I presented at a dataJAR tech series event where I discussed some of the new management features available in macOS Big Sur and how these can affect Mac administration workflows, as well as changes that might trip you up in regards to managing Apple silicon.

The video for the talk and a PDF of the slides, can be found here.

You’ll also find a talk there from Riley Bruce, Security Community Evangelist Manager, Code42 titled “Understanding Insider Risk Management on macOS”