iMovie, and the iMovie_27_Sep provisioning profile


With the recent release of iMovie 10.2.3, an additional surprise item is installed, a provisioning profile.

See below for more information on this provisioning profile, and impact.

What is a Provisioning profile?

As per the above, “a provisioning profile is a type of system profile used to launch one or more apps on devices and use certain services.”

So, the provisioning profile is itself a legit item and if you look within many App bundles you’ll likely find one, see Google Chrome below, as an example:

So, whilst the installation of the provisioning profile is a little bit odd, provisioning profile‘s themselves are very common.

So, what happened?

Simply, someone done goofed.

Can we remove the profile?

It appears that the profile is safe to delete, but the point of this post is that you shouldn’t necessarily worry.

However, the following will return a value if the profile is installed:

/usr/bin/profiles list -type provisioning | /usr/bin/grep c9434bc1-de69-4727-85f7-4868f80feed6

And the below, can remove it:

/usr/bin/profiles remove -type provisioning -uuid c9434bc1-de69-4727-85f7-4868f80feed6

Together, something like the below could be used to remove the profile if wanted:

And, it’s worth mentioning that the above will work on Big Sur too.

Will Apple fix this?

Who knows?

If the installation of the profile bothers you, then something like the above will work.

If not, I would expect Apple to resolve this somehow.. just not sure when nor 100% sure how.

3 thoughts on “iMovie, and the iMovie_27_Sep provisioning profile

  1. hammerpocket

    Thanks for the info. I just happened to be going through my System Preferences and saw the Profiles pane with the iMovie provisioning profile. I am familiar with profiles because my wife uses a Mac provided by her employer, but I was confused as to how one got on my personal iMac and thought it could be malware. This post is the only relevant one I found on DuckDuckGo.

  2. Chris Cowler

    I also panicked as I’ve found a few other profiles that weren’t authorised by Apple. One was for issued by DigiCert Cloud… and marked not trusted..

    The other was by Apple for iOS 14 & iPadOS 14Beta marked as not verified by Apple

    I removed both and have spent the weekend trawling thru my Apple products ensuring they are clean

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