Error: Package not successfully downloaded: 60


Within our Casper environment all our distribution points are HTTPS. On occasions we’ll get the emails from our JAMF Software Server containing the above error.

Below are some more details.

The error

An error occurred executing the policy “Install 010 dockutil 1.1.4″ on the computer “xxx”.
Event log from the policy:
/usr/sbin/jamf is version 8.73
Executing Policy Install 010 dockutil 1.1.4…
Downloading https://jss.fqdn:443/CasperShare/Packages//010 dockutil 1.1.4.dmg…
Error: Package not successfully downloaded: 60
Running Recon…


When we see this error it’s often due to two issues:

  1. The Macs time has reset to January 1, 1970. This can happen when the battery dies & the mac cannot contact an NTP to update it. (I’ve a few posts on how i’ve dealt with that here, here  & here).
  2. We use our internal certificate authority to sign the SSL certificates that we use on our HTTPS distribution points. As this is a private cert the Macs need it installed as a root certificate before trusting the SSL cert, this is done via a Configuration Profile which sometimes takes a minute or two to be installed after a rebuild.

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