Error: Package not successfully downloaded: 60


Within our Casper environment all our distribution points are HTTPS. On occasions we’ll get the emails from our JAMF Software Server containing the below:

An error occurred executing the policy “Install 010 dockutil 1.1.4” on the computer “xxx”.
Event log from the policy:
/usr/sbin/jamf is version 8.73
Executing Policy Install 010 dockutil 1.1.4…
Downloading https://jss.fqdn:443/CasperShare/Packages//010 dockutil 1.1.4.dmg…
Error: Package not successfully downloaded: 60
Running Recon…

When we see this error it’s often due to two issues:

  1. The Macs time has reset to January 1, 1970. This can happen when the battery dies & the mac cannot contact an NTP to update it. (I’ve a few posts on how i’ve dealt with that here, here  & here).
  2. We use our internal certificate authority to sign the SSL certificates that we use on our HTTPS distribution points. As this is a private cert the Macs need it installed as a root certificate before trusting the SSL cert, this is done via a Configuration Profile which sometimes takes a minute or two to be installed after a rebuild.

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