Outlook for iOS and Android & Exchanges Allow/Block/Quarantine List


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On January 29th, Microsoft released Outlook for iOS and Android.

This release has caused somewhat of a stir due to some reported security issues with the app which existed before it’s rebranding from “Accompli”

I’ll be honest, I found a number of the posts on this app to be somewhat alarmist, but a post with the somewhat alarmist title: Warning – Microsofts Outlook app for iOS breaks your company security raised a point that caused me some concern.

This point was: “Shared Exchange ActiveSync ID and device type”

This post will explain why the concern, my findings & how to block “Outlook for iOS and Android” via Exchanges Allow/Block/Quarantine List.

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SharePoint Newsfeed iOS App “We couldn’t get new data right now, try again later.”



Shortly after we resolved the an issue where the SharePoint Newsfeed iOS App was crashing, we found an issue where some people’s NewsFeed apps were getting the error  “We couldn’t get new data right now, try again later.”

There are actually 2 solutions to this error, the 2nd is below & more than a little bit of hair pulling was involved!

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