Need to find out if a Mac has an Wireless Card?


UPDATE: Updated to now work with Lion

This Extension Attribute checks to see if Mac has either an  Airport  or  Wireless & returns “Yes” is the Mac has one & “No” if it doesn’t. Continue reading

Managing Apple Software Update Server Across Multiple Servers 10.5/10.6/10.7


UPDATE: For 10.8+ see: Managing Apple Software Update Server Across Multiple Servers 10.8+.

An internal Apple Software Update Server (ASUS) allows administrators to control what software updates client computers download etc.. more information about this service can be found here.

This all works great, but the initial setup requires you to manually tick each update to enable it to be downloaded.

This can be a bit of a pain especially when managing mulitple servers.

The following post advises on how to setup a Master ASUS with other servers Replicating the enabled updates. Saving the Admin time when setting up new servers & allowing central management.

Apple has a support document on this here & there is also a post from Apple discussions that advises how to setup a 10.5 ASUS to serve 10.6 updates here. Continue reading

How To: Connect Clients To Lion Servers Apple Software Update Service


In 10.6 Apple release unified the ASUS url into http://myserver.fqdn:8088/index.sucatalog as per the this page. This same URL will work for 10.7 clients too.

UPDATE: Apple have now posted a support document verifying the above, it’s available here.

How To: Change Lions Scroll Direction


This confused me for a while!!

The default scroll behaviour in Lion is in the direction that your finger is moving in, like iOS. Not the inverted scroll used for years.

To change, open System Preferences > Mouse & untick “Move content in the direction if finder movement when scrolling or navigating” Continue reading

How To: Set OSX’s Screen Saver via Script


Throughout my career as a Mac Admin i’ve often been asked to enforce a screen saver. One environment required a screen saver to always be set, but to allow people to change the desktop background. Another required a screen saver to be set to the corporate standard at each login. This script has been used in both environments to great affect.

Continue reading