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During our JNUC 2019 talk, another item James & I detailed was how we at dataJAR easily switch between the 100+ Jamf Pro instances we host.

Enter Jamf Switcher, the app to bring the word faff to the Jamf Marketplace!

For details on how this came to be, see below.


As with the best ideas, this has evolved over time & through the hands of different folks.

In the beginning, James created Self Service Bookmarks for each Jamf Pro instance. Which we’d select to launch an internet browser to the Jamf Pro URL.

Soon after joining dataJAR , I built the 1st iteration of Jamf Switcher.

This was an AppleScript app which iterated over the Self Service Bookmarks & then presented their data in a list.

With a URL clicked on, a Finder window launched allowing you to open the required Jamf Pro application, which would then have the needed Jamf Pro instances URL defined.

However, you’d need to use the Self Service Bookmarks to launch the URL’s in a browser.

Not long after Richard joined dataJAR, he revised this again & rewrote Jamf Switcher as a Swift app which would iterate over the the same Self Service Bookmarks but in a tenth of the time of what my Jamf Switcher AppleScript app took.

This version also brought a search function, as well as an option to either open the URL in your internet browser or launch a Jamf Pro application.

Self Service Bookmarks are still used to configure the app, the core great idea is there. It’s just been built upon some.




Other folks have created their own apps which reach the same end goal:

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