Project Updates October 2015


So it’s been a busy few months, whilst I’ve generally been falling apart I’ve also been busy with various projects I own or am involved in & a side project to those has had a massive update.

As such, I felt it was a good time to quickly post an update on the goings on. Details below.



AutoCasperNBI now supports 10.11 as of 1.3.0, & some other issues have been resolved. Please see this post for more info: AutoCasperNBI, AutoImagrNBI & El Capitan.

NOTE: AutoCasperNBI will now only run on 10.9+, however 10.7+ NBI’s can still be created. As ever, OS versions DO NOT need to match.



AutoImagrNBI has also been updated to 1.3.0 & now has 10.11 support as well as now checking the version of against latest release or can download the latest release for you.

Thanks to Clayton Burlison for logging the enhancement & helping implement #2. For more information see:



My fork of ADPassMon has now been merged with Peter Bukowinski’s branch & since then alot of enhancements have been made. With more enhancements to be added.



ADPassMon’s partner in crime, KerbMinder, has received a massive update from Francois Levaux-Tiffreau. The highlight of which being:

  • KerbMinder no longer requires the computer to be bound to Active Directory. It will prompt for username and domain info if the computer is not bound.

Need help with any of the above?

If you need help with any of the above, best place to get it is on the Slack. Below are a list of channels that you can visit for help:

AutoCasperNBI – #jamfnation

AutoImagrNBI – #imagr

ADPassMon – #adpassmon

KerbMinder – #kerbminder


Probably a lie down.

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