Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce

Screenshot 2015-08-08 14.00.53

Mikey (3rd from left in the above), reached out to me pre-JNUC2014 about “Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce”

It was a fun panel to be a part of, many of the members on the panel had taught me so so much over the years &/or are great friends of mine.

I was asked as whilst I have never looked after more 300 Macs via the Casper Suite, I have never looked after clients on just one site or even a single country.

The video of the talk can be found here.

Thanks to Mikey & JAMF for letting me prattle on, & Andrew Seago for letting me bully him into joint the panel the night before 🙂

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