How to: Enable non-admins to change DVD region code


I had an issue where a user wished to change DVD region on their mac. Not being an Admin they were not able to change it themselves from what was initially set.

I use the script from the Casper Resource kit titled “” as part of my First run script. This sets the DVD region to the region of the 1st entered DVD. So this didn’t resolve the issue of letting a non-admin change the DVD region code themselves.

The blog post here, explains the situation & what is required. The below script will merely perform what is mentioned in the bottom section of that post. Therefore allowing non-admins to change region code if they are prompted too.

4 thoughts on “How to: Enable non-admins to change DVD region code

  1. Aaron

    What about using the security command.

    # Enabling DVD Set Region First Time – Anyone
    /usr/bin/security authorizationdb write system.device.dvd.setregion.initial allow

    # Enables DVD Set Region Any time
    /usr/bin/security authorizationdb write system.device.dvd.setregion.change allow

    To be honest, I can’t remember trying the setregion.change, and also haven’t tried this in Lion either. Your fluency with plistbuddy is wonderful (I wish I was), but these commands might be a little easier.

    – Aaron

  2. Tracy Benson

    I am using this script, but it doesn’t work in 10.10… I am looking for a way to adjust it.

    • Sorry. I’ve not used this for years. Might be someone else whom has used it on 10.10.

      Most of my Macs no longer have Optical drives.

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