How To: Silently Setup VPN on 10.6 & 10.7


The below is hugely plagarised from a script posted by Mark Bolwell to the Mac Enterprise list.

I use a version of the below in my Casper Imaging workflow to configure the a VPN Cisco IPSec network connection. As i run it at Imaging time i’ve added some logic so it only runs on MacBook models (which you may wish to remove).

The difference for using the below to the other versions i’ve seems is that this method can be ran “silently” with no GUI interaction. As such it can be leveraged to be used with Self-Service.

As mentioned in the title, i’ve tested this & use it on both 10.6 & 10.7 Macs (even though with 10.7 profile manager can set also do this).

I add the VPN icon to my menubar by copying the following file from my Administrator account using FUT’s & FEU’s from within Casper.


One thought on “How To: Silently Setup VPN on 10.6 & 10.7

  1. “I’m also very interested in setting up my own server to tunnel my Internet traffic.

    But it seems hosting companies only give you limited download/upload bandwidth. And if they provide you unlimited bandwidth, usually the yearly price is quite high compared to subscribing to these VPN services (Witopia, BolehVPN, etc)”

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