jamJAR – Extension Attribute Update


A small update this one, but I have rewritten jamJAR’s Extension Attribute in bash.

This is to avoid python prompts in macOS 12+ when running recon.

This updated Extension Attribute can be found here, and should be a drop in replacement for the prior one.

Restarting Portfolio’s Services

Portfolio Admin

As mentioned in my previous post, we’re currently cataloging around 40TB of data in Portfolio.

However, again as per the previous post, we’ve found some files to be troublesome causing issues cataloging. Once Portfolio attempts to catalog these files, the processes used can hang & get stuck on those files.

Portfolio then spawns more & more processes for the next files it finds until the box running Portfolio eventually runs out of resources.

To maintain the hosts uptime, we’re using the below script to restart the services daily.

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Submit User Information From AD Into The JSS At Login v2


A couple of years ago I posted on how we “Submitted User Information From AD Into The JSS At Login” Since the  Casper Suite 8.61 was release, the JSS has been able to perform this function. Below is a guide on how to leverage this.

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