Adobe Admin Console Packages – 2.0


In June 2023, Adobe announced on that flat packages were available via the Adobe Admin Console. However, at the time these were limited to templates which would include one or more titles chosen by Adobe. Prior to this all macOS packages created by the Adobe Admin Console were bundle packages.

Fast forward to April 2024, and Adobe announced that the Adobe Admin Console now defaults to creating flat packages for macOS and the content of these packages are defined by the admin within the Adobe Admin Console.

Why does this matter? Well, bundle packages were deprecated in macOS 14.4 and if you’re testing macOS Sequoia (and you really should be), you’ll find that bundle packages are no longer supported.

A new version of our Adobe Admin Console Packages recipes and processor have been released, which add flat package support, moves the uninstall step to a script and if you import a bundle package it will set the maximum OS to 14.99. For full details, please see the readme.

If you want to know more about our Adobe Admin Console Packages recipes, please see the prior post here.

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