Signing up to Adobe Creative Cloud product update emails


If you deploy Adobe Creative Cloud, and you’re not leaving folks to solely update via the Creative Cloud Desktop App, you might want to be notified on new updates.

Well, Adobe does have a way to notify you via email. But it’s a little hidden, and doesn’t cover all Adobe Creative Cloud products.

See below for how to subscribe to these email updates.


  1. An account with access to (It doesn’t seem to matter what license you have, as Teams still has the needed access)
  2. The account will need an email associated (not sure if you can get past step 1 without this)
  3. The account will need access to the Packages tab within the

What’s next?

  1. Login to
  2. Click “Packages” within the top menu items
  3. Click “Preferences”
  4. Check “Notify me by email when Creative Cloud application updates are available”

When, what and what’s missing?

The emails are released on a Monday, and will include updates for items released since the last email, and look like the below:

As you can see, these emails contain release information for the main Creative Cloud products as well as the more support products like CoreSync and CAI, as well as what platforms the updates are for.

However, the following titles seem to be omitted:

  1. Adobe Acrobat
  2. Adobe XD
  3. Until the email prior to this post, none of the Adobe Substance 3D applications were included. But Stager has started to show and others might too.
  4. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these emails pertain to Creative Cloud products, which are the products you can create packages of within

And, as per the last point, as the emails pertain to the Creative Cloud products which  you can create packages of within you might get an update for a prior Creative Cloud release (as shown by Dimension above). But for other titles you might need to double check the major version.

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