#iamroot – Oops!… I Did It Again / redux


This post is a redux of the #iamroot vulnerability. The vulnerability was fully patched in 10.13.2, so there is nothing new here.

Secondly, this is also another excuse to post a dancing Groot gif.

So, what happened?

Well, when Apple released the original version of 2017-001, this update could be applied to 10.13.1 & up.

This original version of 2017-001 also changed the build number of 10.13.1 to 17B1002.

Yes, yes. What happened?

The second release of 2017-001 is where an issue crept in.

This update, when applied to 10.13.1 changed the build number to 17B1003, BUT this update was also being offered & applied to 10.13.0 clients.

So, what’s the problem?

The issue is that when a 10.13.0 Mac is patched, then updated to 10.13.1 the patch is reverted (as it’s not included within the 10.13.1 update).

Therefore You’ll need to apply 2017-001 all over again once at 10.13.1.


Yep! Thankfully 10.13.2 contains the fix from within 2017-001 so this is all you need & hopefully everyone whom is on 10.13 is now on 10.13.2.

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