AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI 1.3.4, Sierra compatible & other changes



Earlier today, I released AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI 1.3.4. Both of these are now Sierra compatible as well as signed.

For more information about the changes to these apps, see below.

Common Updates

As both AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI share the same code base, the below are common to both apps:

  • Run Full Finder in El Cap – Sierra resolves… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ AutoCasperNBI #67 AutoImagrNBI #36
  • Disable persistence to stop potential doubling running on removable media – AutoCasperNBI #76 AutoImagrNBI #33
  • Update Sparkle to 1.14 – AutoCasperNBI #80 AutoImagrNBI #30
  • Prevent the use of root as an ARD username – AutoCasperNBI #81 AutoImagrNBI #27
  • Sign app – AutoCasperNBI #85 AutoImagrNBI #25 (AutoPKG recipe authors advised).
  • Sierra Compatibility – AutoCasperNBI #86 AutoImagrNBI #26
  • Put NBI in subfolder, with restorable DMG in the root of that folder – AutoCasperNBI #87 AutoImagrNBI #31
  • Add Danish keyboard layout – AutoCasperNBI #89 AutoImagrNBI #24

Put NBI in subfolder, with restorable DMG in the root of that folder – AutoCasperNBI & AutoImagrNBI

This issue is one of the bigger changes, & is documented within each projects help document. But worth covering off below:

screenshot-2016-09-11-21-52-24On clicking “Build” AutoCasperNBI/AutoImagrNBI will ask for the location to create the NBI’s enclosing folder.

This folder will be named the the same as what you set the NBI name to, & within there will be the .nbi folder for uploading to a NetBoot Server. Also, the .restorable.dmg, will be located in this folder at the same level as the .nbi folder.

AutoCasperNBI Only Updates

  • Cannot get JSS version on Limited JSS – #82
  • Mac auto-restarting using 10.11.6, Casper Imaging 9.93, JSS 9.93 on AutoCasperNBI 1.3.3 created NetBoot – #83  & Image does not appear as an option in Mac Server NetInstall – #91.(fixed by “Put NBI in subfolder, with restorable DMG in the root of that folder – AutoCasperNBI #87 AutoImagrNBI #31“)
  • Casper Imaging 9.96 Version (not found) – #90 & AutoCasperNBI and Casper Imaging 9.96 – #84 (same issue, same fix included in 1.3.4)

As you can see, a few reported issues that ended up being the same resolution. Notably around Casper Imaging 9.96 & the issues that resulted in the new folder structure explained above.

AutoImagrNBI Only Updates

  • Add reporturl option to App config file – #21
  • Allow continuance when cannot get Imagr config_plist – #28
  • Check config_plist via validateplist – #29
  • AutoImagrNBI crashes when Imagr URL is blank bug – #32
  • Require an imagr_config url to be passed – #34



AutoImagrNBI can now set to send report information to either a HTTP server via POST, or a Syslog server.

For more information, please see the Imagr Wiki


AutoImagrNBI will now attempt to download the Imagr Configuration Plist & will check it via Imagr’s validateplist. The output of which will show under the entered Imagr Configuration Plist URL.

screenshot-2016-09-10-22-04-56 screenshot-2016-09-10-22-06-26 screenshot-2016-09-10-22-06-44

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