No Password Expiry Warning At The Login Window On 10.9

UPDATE: My fork of ADPassMon has now been merged with main & many changes have been made, for more information follow this link.
10.8 Password Expiration

Over the past few Mac OS revisions, you’ve been able to alert users to impending password expiry. Shown above is this on 10.8.

Below are details on how I set the above, and the issue with Mavericks

Setting this up

This was set by using the following command, or converted to MCX:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ PasswordExpirationDays 10

The issue

Sadly, this no longer seems to work in 10.9. I’ve a bug logged with Apple (ID: 15339885) since 29/10/13 & as of yet this issue is still outstanding.

The change password box still appears on the day of expiry, but sadly doesn’t stop users from not able to login if their account expires over a weekend.

10.9 Reset Password Prompt

Others are finding the same, & i’d also agree with the advice given in that thread by Apple Support to look at: ADPassMon.

10 thoughts on “No Password Expiry Warning At The Login Window On 10.9

  1. Jeff

    Thank you for your contributions to the Mac community it is a blessing. I just tested 10.9.3 buil 13D28 and the password expiry warning seems to be fixed.

  2. Matt

    Do you know if the issue with Mavericks has actually been resolved? in my environment it still does not prompt for password reminders and we are running 10.9.4 (13E28).

    • Jeffrey Conte

      We are getting it only once. The first time a domain user logs into the machine they get the notice. Subsequent logins for the same user get nothing. I have a ticket opened with Apple, but it is with their engineering group. That means who knows when it will be corrected.

      The fact that they made changes and it started to work makes me think a resolution is coming. I will post here once I get a working fix.

        • Jeffrey Conte

          Per Apple, this will not be resolved in 10.9. This is corrected in 10.10 DP7 and higher. I have verified here and escalated based on the fact that I have 100+ broken machines.

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