VPP 2.0, Mavericks, iLife ’13 & iWork ’13


On October 22nd, Apple released Mavericks for free. As well as the iLife ’13 & iWork ’13 suites being announced as free for all newly purchased Macs that shipped with Mavericks.

This came as a shock, but a good one. Next thing was figuring out the licensing.

Below is how we overcame this shock.

Well whilst Mavericks is free we are still bound by the license agreement which states:

Mac App Store License:
(ii) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, to download, install, use and run one (1) copy of the Apple Software for use either: (a) by a single individual on each of the Mac Computer(s) that you own or control, or (b) by multiple individuals on a single shared Mac Computer that you own or control. For example, a single employee may use the Apple Software on both the employee’s desktop Mac Computer and laptop Mac Computer, or multiple students may serially use the Apple Software on a single Mac Computer
located at a resource center or library;

Therefore no volume license agreement for Mavericks yet.

What about the iLife ’13 & iWork ’13 suites?

Apple recently announced that iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers will be free on the App Store for qualifying iOS 7 compatible devices activated as of September 1, 2013.

Business and Education customers that purchase qualifying devices will have the option to request an equivalent number of licenses be placed into their Volume Purchase Program account. More details about how to make this request will be provided later this Fall.

Well since we received the information VPP 2.0 was released on 04/11/13 with more details here.

So that’s us almost there, the iLife & iWork suites can be volume licensed via VPP 2.0 but there is still no licensing model for Mavericks.

But how to deploy? Well that’s the next hurdle that we’ll need to overcome. Found at the bottom of the page linked above is this PDF.

Page 4 makes mention of redemption URLs, which can be used to download the apps under the new “Managed Distribution” model.

So, at this stage & without a workflow given by Apple or JAMF yet, I’m thinking we’ll be looking at making the redemption URLs available via Self Service & then have the apps downloaded via a caching server.

Rich Trouton’s method mentioned previously may well work with this new model & JAMF may have some new tricks up their sleeves.

I’m hopefully going to beta JAMF’s v9 release supporting this & will report back with how to deploy & hopefully how to volume license Mavericks.

Until then, I’d urge caution deploying Mavericks & the iLife & iWork suites on a larger scale unless with new hardware.

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