How To: Set Safari 7 to open at the Homepage

Safari7 TopSites

Safari 6 used to open new windows by default to the Homepage, this behaviour in Safari 7 has been changed to show the “Top Sites” window as shown above.

The Keys

Looking at Safari 6’s preferences against Safari 7 you can see this change at the “New Windows Open With:” setting, also to manage this you should also enforce the above setting “Safari Opens With:” Both are shown in the image below:


Safari Opens With

To manage the setting “Safari Opens With:” via MCX, the settings are below:

Display Name: AlwaysRestoreSessionAtLaunch
Application Domain:
Key Name: AlwaysRestoreSessionAtLaunch
Key Type: boolean
Key Value: false

Via bash that will look like:

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ AlwaysRestoreSessionAtLaunch -bool false

New Windows Open With

Next to manage the “New Windows Open With:” setting.

Via MCX:

Display Name: NewWindowBehavior
Application Domain:
Key Name: NewWindowBehavior
Key Type: integer
Key Value: 0

Via bash:

[github file = “/macmule/dumpinggound/blob/master/” start_line = “137” end_line = “138”]


Via MCX:

Display Name: HomePage
Application Domain:
Key Name: HomePage
Key Type: string
Key Value:

Via bash:

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ NewWindowBehavior -integer 0

(Obviously, replace with the correct homepage for your org).


Once all have been deployed, your Safari 7 should launch to the Homepage as per Safari 6.


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  1. mittu

    Hi can u plz tell what key is to be used to set First run page [when set to any particular URL and launch safari it should be opened with that page, once closed and relaunched previously set homepage should be opened] in safari.

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