Correct AD Users Home Mobile Home Folder Permissions


HomeWe image our Macs with a partition for the System data & another for the User data.

That, in turn, allows us to image the Macs preserving the user data.

Except the permissions will be incorrect on the home folders, running the below linked script  resolves this issue 🙂

It will loop through /Users/ & attempts to get the UniqueID (locally then from the domain) for each user account it finds, if a User Account is found then the home folders permissions are propagated correctly. Else the permissions are set to read write for all.

7 thoughts on “Correct AD Users Home Mobile Home Folder Permissions

  1. You’ve succeeded in getting PHDs on an 2nd partition working under 10.9??

    Have you succeeded in getting ProfileManager to push the Mobility settings out for LEGACY accounts (pre-existing network homes) when they are *NEWLY ADDED* to a profile manager group (ie. a PHDUSERS group with the Mobility settings configured)? I can only get pushes happening for virgin accounts that haven’t previously logged in and that are initially part of the PHDUSERS group.

    Perhaps you are not using ProfileManager at all.. but doing this the 10.6.8 way of WGM (which does work for me off my other server btw) ?

    And please tell,.. how are you handling the users’ Library/ folder ? Are you totally excluding it ?
    What have you done for >10Gig accounts (and 100Gig) so that 1st login is fast & successful.?
    Are you using an external syncing solution (external to HomeSyncing)(like Chronosync or Rsync) to sync when the user is not logged in?).

    Thanks for any help. 😎
    I’ll take you out for beer if you come to Switzerland.

    p.s. I have successfully used HomeSync and PHD for years under 10.6.8.. But am having a heck-of-a-time under 10.9, far from the ‘it just works’ joy that I would wish.

  2. ps. Why do you think accounts (on the client) don’t show up in SystemPreferences>Accounts?
    As admin, I often don’t see any of the PHD accounts.
    Sometimes I see an account as ‘Mobile’..
    Sometimes I see an account as ‘External’..

    As the user.. I see see the account as ‘External’.
    Should I be worried?

  3. Kev

    Hi there,

    Am I blind or was the link deleted? Can’t see the Link but would really appreciate it 🙂


  4. Gabe Ster

    Likewise either I’m blind or this script link is no longer showing… I was about to write my own but saw this linked over at Jamfnation thanks to bentoms!

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