Deploying & Installing Safari Toolbars



NOTE: With Safari 6.1x & 7.2x the method to deploy Safari extensions has changed, please see the new method here.

I was asked sometime ago to deploy my companies bookmarks to Safari on all our managed Macs.

I went through a lot of pain trying to add a folder to the Bookmarks bar with my companies website & preserve the users bookmarks. But, Benjamin Bailey on the Mac Enterprise list mentioned Safari Extensions.. & I soon had a branded toolbar to deploy!

How to deploy?

  1. Well first of all package & deploy your toolbar extension to ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/.
  2. Then enable Safari Extension using the below.
  3. We then run the below via a launch agent so it’s installed at every login (if missing).

I’m sure the below can be tweaked for non-toolbar extensions too.

The Script

6 thoughts on “Deploying & Installing Safari Toolbars

  1. macuser

    Any idea if this still works? I’m afraid Apple protect/restore the plist file from somewhere…

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