How To: Stop Directory Utility Mounting Home Folder At Login


OSX’s built-in AD Plugin allows for the automated mounting of home/profile folders. The following can be used to disable this mounting:

sudo dsconfigad -useuncpath disable

4 thoughts on “How To: Stop Directory Utility Mounting Home Folder At Login

  1. madmin

    Hi there,

    Had the same issue in 10.6 and 10.7 in our Enterprise environment.
    Called apple support about it, but as expected to no avail.
    In the end I found the solution, posted it on the Apple Support Communities.
    Apple called me back, asking me if the issue was resolved and asked for the solution :).
    I’ve seen today on my 10.7.3 update that there is supposed to be a fix in the update for AD home folders. I’ll heck it out when I get in the office tomorrow.

    Link to the thread:

    In the thread I also talk about the annoying question mark that can’t be removed from the dock when the AD home folder mount fails.
    I suppose all I did with text editors can be mad easier with “defaults” commands, but haven’t had the time to do this yet.

    It’s a little rant-y, but I was quite annoyed at the time with Apple Support.


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