KDIHTTPBackingStore: :readBytes _readBytes() attempt 1 returned 0xe00002c2 (-536870206)


We had an issue where our Macs stopped NetBooting, they would attempt to NetBoot but forever stay at the spinning gear.

On Verbose booting the Macs we saw multiple errors like the below;

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Cannot Launch Applications From NetBoot Image


I just spent too many hours struggling with a newly created NetBoot Image that booted, but would not launch any applications from the dock & the item that was due to launch at login didn’t (Casper Imaging). However, if i logged out the NetBoot user & logged back in, all was well!

Come midnight (I was remotely NetBooting a machine), I decided to cut my losses & come in next day which was my day off.

Turns out the NetBoot was fine, the issue was simply that the iMac was building had a PC Keyboard connected & not a Mac one!!

As the tagline says, doing the donkey work to make you look like a smart ass!!